Hello boys and girls, if you love being fit and want to look stylish while working on it then styledbyjames.com is the place to be and I am yes you know it, James and I along with my friend Mindy started this site with an aim to ensure that in our road to fitness we do not leave fashion behind. Most experts will tell you that fashion and fitness do not always to go hand in hand but trust me you can look stylish and sexy even when out for a walk and We’ll help you with that.

We are both fitness freaks with a good fashion sense. Mindy and I are both a fashion designers by profession and we now want to reach out to all the beginner men and women out there confused about what to put on for the gym or early morning run tomorrow and these 2 articles below will put you right on track. In this blog we have covered not only what you should be wearing but also where to shop, what to look for and how to avail discounts and offers.

5 Things I avoid wearing to the gym and you should too

My top 5 workout clothing brands

..and there is more still to come so stay tuned.

If you like us and our site let us know and if you don’t we would still like to know why. Send in your feedback through the contact page. You can also send in your tips, tricks or even the blunders you have made. We would like hearing it all. Remember to stay fit and stay stylish.