For men looking for the best gym attire keep in mind that functionality is key and only then comes fashion and style. What you wear defines you and dressing right be it the gym or a board meeting should always be priority. So in case you are not sure what to wear to the gym tomorrow here is my take on the attire that would be perfect for you.

The right tops


Wearing little may seem like the way to stay cool and mobile at the gym but on the contrary full clothes work equally well if not better especially in winters. A sweatshirt or hoodie will keep your muscles and joints warm lowering the risk of a pull, or tear.

You will also sweat more so ensure the fabric has good wicking ability. For summer a sleeveless t-shirt or normal tank top should be good. I have said this before and I am saying it again, always avoid loose or baggy clothes.

Shorts and Pants


Now that you know what to were at the top you need an equally stylish and comfortable bottom to go with it. Shorts are perfect for the summer months and should only be slightly longer than your knees and pants should be ankle length.

Spandex is great if you are out cycling or swimming not for heavy lifting or cardio at the gym. Also avoid cargo shorts, swimwear, yoga pants etc.

Shoes and socks


Whether you run, lift or do floor exercises you need a strong support that only comes if you have the right shoes and socks plus shoes are the only clothing item that actually allow you fashion experiments.

Most sportswear companies have come up with really cool shoes designs and colors. So pick any you find stylish and comfortable. As for socks a plain white or black cotton sock should suffice. Avoid wearing sandals and slippers to the gym.

Head gear


During extreme winter months covering your head and ears helps stay warm especially if you workout outside. I love hoodies as they serve the purpose of a top and provide a head cover too. You can also get a simple beanie or skullcap. Look for fabric that is easily washable and wicks away sweat.  Avoid sweatbands.



Firstly wearing gloves is not a sign of weakness, it is in fact a smart move and definitely makes you look stylish but rather than the normal gloves I prefer fingerless gloves as they keep my hands warm, provide a better grip and allow easy movements.

When choosing gloves don’t overspend and rely only on good sports companies like Harbinger, Nike etc.