Whether your hour at the gym or running outside is fun and effective or uncomfortable and agonizing not only depends on your technique but also your clothing and the right clothing does not end with just your t-shirt or hoodies and shorts, your socks, shoes, gloves, etc. all matter. Now to get the best clothing you need to shop right. So here are 5 things I check out when shopping for my workout attire that you should too.

Comfort provided

Being comfortable with your attire is key so I usually avoid rough fabrics as they tend to cause rashes and irritation when moving around. I love fabrics and don’t hold me back. Also I don’t always depend on my size when shopping.

This is because for workouts I get a size or to smaller than normal as these tend to fit better. I prefer a blend of spandex as it is comfortable and allows easy movement rather than sticking to my body.

The fit

When I started out I preferred wearing baggy shorts and tees or sweatshirts as they made me look thinner and strong but they often either got stuck in the machines or weights and thus often restricted my workouts and this why you need to buy clothes and fit you well.

Fashion trends change but the basic rules of fitness wear remain unchanged. Get tees and shorts with vibrant colors and designs for a new trendy look.

Wicking attributes

I sweat a lot when working out and my cotton t-shirts tend to get all sweaty and wet and that is a huge turn off and that’s why I switched to other fabrics such as Lycra or Polyester. These fabrics are ideal for both summers and winters.

Their sweat wicking ability is impressive and keep me dry throughout my workout. Other natural materials like wool and bamboo too have similar wicking capability.

Exercise friendly clothing

Always buy clothes according to your exercise. Since I love to cycle and lift weights I avoid loose fitting dresses. These are fine if you are out for a walk. For yoga there is nothing better than the classic black yoga pants and crop tops for women or shorts and sleeveless t-shirts for men. A Capri is equally good. As long as you avoid flowing and loose clothes you are good to go.

Ability to be layered

I hate going out shopping for fitness clothes every 5-6 months so I always look for clothes that I can layer when it gets cold. Since sweat is an issue I prefer to wear a polyester t-shirt below and top it with a warm jacket or hoodie.

As I have mentioned before to get the best deals avoid shopping at malls. Opt for retails outlets or check out stuff online and always shop during off season. You will save plenty. 

Here is a guide to help you choose better