Whether you workout in your bedroom or be out running your gear and attire will also have an impact. For women a sleeveless top and shorts are ideal for summers but with the winter settling in fast it is time to cover up but putting on layers of clothes isn’t the best idea either. So if you are confused about the perfect winter workout wear here are some ideas to keep you warm yet moving.

Sweatshirt and fingerless gloves

Taking out all the loose, baggy clothes out of storage to prepare for the winter? These clothes may keep you warm but are the worst workout clothes. I would suggest you look for warm sweatshirts or jackets and a set of fingerless gloves to go with them.

Fingerless gloves not only keep your hands warm but since your fingertips are free it is easier to use your phone or iPod while out for a run.

Colored Shoes


Black is the in color during winters as it is known to keep you warm plus everyone looks stylish in black but too much of it can make you look dull so to pop some color I often go with colored shoes.  Blue, yellow or even red are my color picks. Check out any good retail outlet such as Nike, Reebok etc. around you for comfortable and colorful workout shoes.

Sports bra on top

The general rule is to wear your sports bra and then pile on a couple layers on top of it but in case you have a really smart looking sports bra you want to show off then you should wear it on top of those layers of clothes rather than underneath. I love wearing my sports bra this way. It looks smart, sexy and stylish.

Crop top with long sleeves  

crop top

Love crop tops? Well if you live in place where winters are not too severe then you are in for a treat. Look for full sleeved crop tops. It is the perfect blend of smart, warm and sexy and is the best attire for your abs day. As your abs remain uncovered you can move freely and at the same time not feel the chill.

Leggings and Beanies

Think your gym pants or leggings are not warm enough? On the contrary they are quite warm and thus are my favorite workout bottoms for this winter and to keep things stylish and fashionable I say you ditch the plain colors and opt for a designed or multi-colored one.

For your face and ear forget about the earmuffs and instead get some beanies. They look good and are going to be the trendsetters this year.

Sweatshirt and pants



Forget about all the complicated dressing and shopping, if you have a simple sweatshirt and pant in your wardrobe that is all you really need at times. Keep it simple and let your training do the talking for you.