We all want to look smart and sexy with our dressing irrespective of whether we are off to a party or the gym but since you would be stretching, running and lifting at the gym having the wrong attire may completely wreck your routine. I have learnt from my mistakes and hope you too so today I am going to give you some tips on how to get the right workout apparel.

Avoid clumsy dresses

Do you put on the first thing you can grab onto in your wardrobe for the gym? This is the most common mistake beginners make. Your favorite baggy shorts, or jeans or tight t-shirts are not the ideal workout clothes.

The wrong attire may lead to a nasty trip or fall while lifting or running or sometimes may not provide the right support to certain parts of your body leaving you either injured or completely demotivated by the end of it.

Choose the correct pants/shorts

To choose the best attire you need to know in detail your exercise routine. If you are running or cycling daily then you need right shorts or capris. Again avoid loose ones so they don’t get caught in the treadmill or spin bike.

For lifting or other low impact workouts gym pants would be the ideal choice. Even spandex works well as they are quite comfortable and do not soak sweat.

Sleeveless all the way

Your top like your pants varies as per your workout routine and yes the weather too. If you are comfortable my suggestion would be you go sleeveless.  These are perfect for the hot summers, do not soak sweat and allow smooth arm movement.

Do you still prefer sleeves? In that case avoid very long sleeves and always opt for lighter materials for a comfortable and smooth workout session.


Spend on the right sports bra

For ladies spending on the right sports bra is the best decision they can make. You do not have to buy the most expensive one but the one that supports your chest and holds it in place while you workout. Wrong sports bras are often the reason for back and breast pain. Learn more about sports bras here.

Get good shoes

Now that you have the right outfit do not forget about the shoes. Shoes are often the difference between a good and mediocre workout and yet are the most underestimated outfit accessories. Whether you run, walk or lift your feet need the right support and cushioning for better balance and traction which in turn lowers tension on your back.

Expensive shoes may not always be the right shoes. Opt for ones that fit you best and yet have the right support. Get expert help if needed. You can also check online or visit a good store near you or just write to us.