Your exercise gear irrespective of whether you workout in your room or at the gym plays a vital role. To workout at your best you need to wear the best but as beginners we often make the mistake of believing everything we see or hear around us. So to help you get your wardrobe right today I am going to tell you about the 5 fitness wear myths I once believed in that are not true.

Always wear cotton

Cotton is light and easy to maintain and thus mostly recommended but not the ideal fabric for your morning runs or spin class. That’s because as compared to synthetic or a mix of cotton and polyester or cotton and nylon simple cotton tends to hold sweat.

Wearing cotton weighed me down and made me uncomfortable. For yoga or Pilates a spandex is often ideal as it can stretch. They key is to be comfortable and dry. Your attire should be an aid not a roadblock.

Dark clothes will help me look lean

Yes dark clothes to an extent did give me a refined and lean look but if you are getting ready for a run or ride outside think again especially in the summer months. My advice would be you opt for light coloured clothing and even better if you can find one with a rain gear. Also get a cap, a stylish and sporty sunglass for sunny days and the right fitting shoes.

A loose fit is ideal

Those baggy pants and t-shirts are ideal for a walk or a ride around town but wearing them for your yoga classes or weight room is a big no. For my weight training I prefer shorts or capris and for yoga stick to yoga pants.

Avoid clothes with strings, flare or flowing fabric until and unless getting stuck in the machine or the weight stack is what you were going for.

Quality sneakers are enough for my walks

If you are getting blisters or leg pain after a walk it is time to re-check your footwear. For my walk I prefer only walking sneakers. These are pretty comfortable as they are lightweight and flexible as compared to other sport shoes.

Buy shoes that are not too broad and have ample toe room. As I have a neutral arch I opt for shoes with firmer midsoles and good heel stability. People with low arches or flat feet should go with shoes that stabilize their arches.

I should buy my clothes online

Free home delivery and variety of options to choose from and all from the comfort of your home, online shopping sounds great but that’s not always true.  I prefer to try out each dress before buying and thus avoid online purchases. Trial is important because as you exercise your shape and size tend to change and knowing the right fit becomes tough.