As a person who loves both fitness and fashion I am always on the lookout for fitness brands with gears and clothing that not only makes my workouts more comfortable but also helps me look smart and stylish. Your workout clothes don’t simply have to be fitting and to find the best ones you should know where to shop. So in this article I am going to tell you about the best fitness brands I have come across so far.


Nike, a brand you probably already know quite well stands atop my list and for a good reason. Whether it is gear, clothing or shoes Nike has pretty much got it all. I remember me growing up wanting a pair of Nike’s in my wardrobe and who hasn’t right?

Their clothes are specifically designed to provide the perfect workout. They soak the sweat, fit well and won’t cost you a lot if bought from a retail outlet or online rather than a mall.



The reason I rate Adidas so highly is because not only are their products good they won’t empty out your pockets either.

Their products like their shoes and t-shirts are durable and comfortable and come with cool designs, quotes etc. and if you are into sports note that they are endorsed by some of the top athletes and sporting teams. To avail discounts and offers I usually get their stuff online.



Another ideal and equally famous brand is Reebok. Their range of shoes especially running and walking shoes, clothes, gear etc. are all well reputed in the market. I have heard good reviews about their tank tops and t-shirts too.

Personally I prefer their shorts. They are comfortable and keep me cool during my runs. The possibility is if you are not a Nike or Adidas fan you love Reebok.



Though not as popular as the above mentioned brands, Athleta is soon catching up in the market. For women this is the perfect brand as they have women specific line of workout gear and clothing that are simply put amazing and are currently working on swimsuits, undergarments etc.

I really like their range of sweater and hoodies for the cold winter months. They are warm, comfortable and are ideal for a jog or walk.


Under Armour

If you are running out of cash and yet have workout gear on your shopping list then Under Armour should be your go to brand as it has the cheapest range of products. Their winter wear is amazing. The special fabric lining keeps off sweat when working out.

Their summer workout armory is equally impressive. Women should check out their high quality range of sports bras. Under Armour too is connected to sports teams in the US.

under armour